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Pink Choice is recognized as a leading site for gay and lesbian travelers looking for accommodation worldwide. Consumer reviews and social networking now drive the hospitality industry, so the success of your business depends largely on what your guests are saying about you.

Pink Choice is a reliable and trusted source for reviews of gay and gay-friendly properties. We invite you to include Pink Choice in your sales efforts.

So, what will a Pink Choice listing do for you?

You will benefit by having:

  • High visibility to 1000ʻs of Pink Choice travelers
  • Inclusion on a site known for the integrity of its reviews
  • A listing page designed to maximize your search engine presence
  • Back links to your own site from Pink Choice which has high search engine rankings
  • The opportunity to receive one of the prestigious Pink Choice Awards. Winners receive a lot of free publicity.
  • Ability to advertise your special events and promotions on our travel blog
Benefits of an Enhanced Listing on Pink Choice

For only $99/year you can enhance your listing to include images, active links and so much more, illustrated in the table below. Your business will benefit in so many ways...

To get started first register as a hotel owner. If you are already registered then login.

Other ways Pink Choice can help your business
Guest Review Cards  

To encourage your guests to post reviews on Pink Choice, we provide free of charge Guest Review Cards that you can give to your guests.

When you need an extra supply simply contact us.

Advertising on Pink Choice  

To increase your visibility on Pink Choice we offer a number of advertising options on many of our pages at very competitive rates. If you would like a copy of our Advertising Media Pack, contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my guests to post reviews?

We suggest that when guests check out after their stay, you give them a Pink Choice card to introduce them to the site. You can then follow up by sending them an email thanking them for staying, and including a link to your listing on Pink Choice.

If you would like to add a Pink Choice link on your website we can supply graphics to any specification and size.

What do I do if I get a bad review?

All reviews are screened by us before they are posted. If we receive a bad review we will first discuss it with you before adding it to the site. Any review shown to be bogus or not complying with our review guidelines will be deleted.

In the event that a bad review is added to the site, you have the ability to respond, and record your comments alongside the review.

Some hotel owners are reluctant to solicit guest reviews in case they might be negative. A guest who has had a bad experience will tell other people about it anyway. It is far better that you are made aware of it by being notified of the review on Pink Choice, so that you can address the issues and respond to the guestʼs comments.

What is a Pink Choice Award?

Pink Choice Awards are recognized as being an honest and reliable guide to those businesses offering the very best in guest services to the LGBT community.

They are presented annually to properties that have provided the very best services and amenities to their guests, based on their reviews and ratings. Any property can become an award winner. Check out our current winners and recommended properties.

Why should I encourage my guests to leave reviews on Pink Choice?

Guest reviews are now driving the hospitality industry. People like reading about other travelersʼ experiences, and they are making their own reservation choices based on what they read. Potential guests will get a much better impression of your property when they read positive reviews, and the more there are, the better. Added to that, as your reviews accumulate, it increases your chance of receiving a Pink Choice Award.

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