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Gay Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey.
Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns and Guest Houses - Reviews and Ratings. Gay and Lesbian Travel.

There is a great range of accommodation on the island to meet the needs and budget of discerning gay and lesbian travelers. These range from the larger hotel complexes to the more intimate and secluded adult only spa resorts.

Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul: take your pick. But which ever name you choose, it stands for a city of beauty, history and romance. Istanbul is the perfect city for the gay and lesbian traveler who is looking for a destination offering something completely unique on all sorts of levels.

Istanbul offers a wide variety of gay and gay friendly hotels and guesthouses located throughout Istanbul to meet the needs of the gay and lesbian travelers. There are several gay websites providing information to help with your choice. As a guide, if a hotel does not advertise on a gay site, then it is unlikely you will feel comfortable if you want to be openly gay whilst staying there. Choosing the right hotel will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the city. Just remember the cultural makeup of the city and that you a visitor in a Muslim country.

The Taksim/Beyoglu district on the Eastern side of Istanbul is the center of gay life in the city. Most of the gay clubs, bars, saunas and hamams are located here.

Istanbul is one of the truly great romantic cities. Straddling the Borphorus, it is a city with its roots in two continents, Europe and Asia. It is a sprawling, vibrant city with a history spanning centuries. The unique skyline of domes and minarets, the sounds of a modern city blended with the calls to pray, the light of the setting sun over the Golden Horn, all create a mosaic to challenge and excite the senses.
There is so much to see and do. The spice bazaar close by the Galata bridge; the 4th Century cistern with its carp and columns; the Grand Bazaar; a ferry ride up the Bosphorus; eating a doner kebap; a local fish market with its artistic display of fish; the Sophia mosque – one of the architectural wonders of the world; Tok Kapi Palace; the Tok Kapi emerald dagger; the Blue Mosque. You get the picture.

Turkey as a country of traditions and laws that are peculiar to the country. Bisexuality is part of its culture, rooted in history. This can be confusing to the Western gay traveler. Remember, Turkey is perhaps the most democratic and secular Muslim country in the world. With the changing culture, western style gay-to-gay relationships are becoming more widespread and accepted, just be careful and follow your instincts. For the gay and lesbian traveler there is much to do and see. The best time to visit is in the spring and fall. Summers are hot, humid and touristy; winters are cold and wet.

So, if you’re looking excitement, art, culture, history, exceptional cuisine and a totally amazing vacation experience, Istanbul, Turkey offers it all for the gay an lesbian traveler.

For more information check out the Istanbul Gay & Lesbian Travel Guide.

Istanbul Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns, and Guest Houses

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