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Gay Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Even the most worldly gay and lesbian traveler will find it hard not to be awed at the first sighting of Rio de Janeiro. Considered by many to be one of the most spectacular cities on earth, Rio has an energy and vibrancy all its own. This is a city of stunning views, whether it is the bay, the beaches, the landmarks, or the people. To see Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer on Corovado Mountain, for the first time is a memory that will last a lifetime. To stand at its feet and see the panorama of Rio below is the second. The other place to get a true sense of Rio is to take the cable car to the top of Pao de Acucar, Sugar Loaf Mountain. From here you’ll get a 360 degree view of the city and Guanabara Bay and the chance to see how the natural harbor and lush mountains meet the sea at the world famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

As you would expect from a truly international city, gay friendly hotels, inns and guesthouses in Rio is plentiful, ranging from the sublime to the essential and at prices to meet every budget range. Many are located within easy reach of the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, ideally located for gay and lesbian travelers looking for sun and fun.

There is much more to see in Rio than just gorgeous beaches, dramatic landmarks and attractive locals. From the bohemian lanes of old Santa Teresa to the quaint charm of Urca, the city's colonial streets, magnificent churches, museums and leafy plazas provide urban wanderers with days of exploration.

A crash course on Portuguese will come in handy. Although it is true that many Brazilians understand and can speak Spanish, it is not their native language and may offend some Cariocas. Other than that, most Brazilians will go out of their way to help a tourist navigate the city.

Although Rio gets some bad press from time to time, this should not stop you from visiting the city. That said, be a smart traveler. Rio is a large city with a population, at last count of over 7 million people, and like many large cities, it is not free of problems related to poverty. Always be aware of your surroundings, stay away from the favelas (slums), and don’t flash jewelry, credit cards or cash. If possible, hire a driver for touring the city. You’ll be safer and you’ll get to see things easily missed on your own. If you decide to see the city on foot, public buses are generally good, but they are difficult to navigate as there is no route map. Taxis are another option but you should be able to speak Portuguese. The subway (Metro) is another good and safe option for getting around the touristy areas.

The high season runs from December to March, and is crazily busy around New Year and Carnival, when the city is in full party mode, and the excitement on the streets off the scale. Humidity can be high in summer, with temperatures hovering around and above 28°C (82°F); rainfall is another factor, with October to January the wettest months. In winter, Rio temperatures sit at around 23°C (73°F), with a mix of both rainy and superb beach-going days.

So, for the gay and lesbian traveler seeing, fun, sun, excitement, staggering natural beauty, culture, great food and wine, then Rio de J

Rio de Janeiro Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns, and Guest Houses

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Ipanema Plaza Hotel1Write Review
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Augusto's Copacabana Hotel1Write Review

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