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Gay Marrakesh


Marrakesh (Marrakech), Morocco.
Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns and Guest Houses - Reviews and Ratings. Gay and Lesbian Travel.

The legendary city of Marrakesh, Morocco, nestled deep in the center of the country behind the Atlas Mountains, is, like most places once populated with hippies, now a magnet for gay and lesbian travelers with money and a sense of adventure. It is a city of contracts in every way. Art deco palaces, 12th-century minarets, a vibrant center called Djeema el-Fna. The music of ancient flutes, the tang of roasting meats, the clicking of horse-drawn carriages, the calls of fortune-tellers and touts. Throngs of robed men crowded around spectacles like friendly impromptu boxing matches, swirling dances, and gambling games. A mazelike labyrinth souk, the old market place of narrow alleys, offers days of exploration. It has been said that without the ageless Djeema el-Fna, Marrakesh would just be another city. The passage of time has no meaning in Marrakesh, a city of ancient mud walls, sights, smells, tastes and history to enthrall the adventurous gay and lesbian traveler.

Marrakesh has limited gay specific hotels, inns and guesthouses but there is a good selection of gay friendly hotels, inns and guesthouses for the gay and lesbian traveler to choose from. Prices range from budget to luxurious so there is plenty of choice for even the most discerning gay and lesbian traveler.

Marrakesh, Morocco, has long had something of a dubious reputation. Tourism has arrived, but not the rainbow flag. Despite awareness of a ‘gay identity’ among some young Moroccans thanks to satellite TV, the internet and an influx of gay and lesbian travelers, Marrakesh remains a provincial sort of place. Winter sun notwithstanding, this is not Miami or Mykonos.

That being said, the Marrackesh, Morocco has loads to offer the gay and lesbian traveler.

Marrakesh Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns, and Guest Houses

Properties are shown in their current Pink Choice ranking order, within one of four price bands ranging from luxury ($$$$) to economy ($).

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