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Gay Panama City

Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama.
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Panama City, commonly referred to simply as "Panama" is one of those rare Latin American capitals that has it all: a high standard of living, a seemingly endless supply of investment from abroad, a surplus of natural beauty, and a rich cultural brew of ethnicities and religions. There is a sizeable ex-pat presence in the city, as well as a growing Asian community, which continues to change the face of Panama City. It has been called the new Hong Kong and Miami -- a sleek and modern city proud of its role as host to the world. Panama remains accessible to gay and lesbian travelers regardless of budget. The city is considered to be the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America.

Although there are few gay specific hotels and guesthouses in Panama City, there are any number of gay friendly hotels, inns, guesthouses and apartments for gay and lesbian travelers to choose from. Being a major city, prices and amenities range from deluxe to budget so there is plenty of choice for even the most discerning gay and lesbian traveler.

It should be remembered that Panama is a mostly Catholic country and although the gay and lesbian scene here is not underground, it is discreet. There are a couple of clubs in Panama City that operate without much fanfare, and problems are, thankfully, very uncommon. There are few, if any, venues or events directed at the lesbian-only scene, yet lesbians are welcome at gay venues.

You don't have to experience 5 days of Carnaval to know that Panamanians are party-loving people. When the sun goes down, Panama City lights up with a vibrant scene that caters to all ages and levels of stamina.
The most established gay clubs are BLG, at Calle 49 and Calle Uruguay with dancing to top DJ music Thursday to Saturday, and other special events like Gay Pride Nights on weekdays; Lips at Avenida Manuel Espinoza Batista, next to Café Duran, has nightly drag shows on weeknights and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. The largest gay dance club is called Glam: The Club which features nightly drag shows, fashion shows, and more, followed by late-night dancing until dawn (the best nights are Fri and Sat).

Although there’s no shortage of fine dining and chic dance clubs, gay and lesbian travelers are often drawn to Casco Viejo, a dilapidated neighborhood of historic buildings and cobbled streets reminiscent of old Havana. Abandoned in favor of more stylish neighborhoods, Casco Viejo lay crumbling on the edge of the sea for decades. However, following an ambitious reclamation of this colonial district in recent years, it is priming itself to charm and enchant visitors once more.
Given the ethnic diversity of Panama, it’s no surprise that Panama City boasts a wide array of restaurants, with everything from Panamanian-style ceviche and bluefin tuna sushi to tikka masala and chicken kebabs. Not far from the city, you’ll also find some impressive adventure opportunities, from hiking through tropical rainforests to skirting along the jungle on a train ride to Colón.

Today, Panama City is one of Latin America's safest cities, and nearly every tourist will feel secure walking the streets day or night. So, for a destination offering fun, sun, architecture, excellent cuisine, and a truly vibrant culture, Panama City has plenty to offer the gay and lesbian traveler.

Panama City Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns, and Guest Houses

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Los Cuatro Tulipanes1Write Review
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Balboa Inn1Write Review
Inn on the Canal2Write Review

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