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Gay Granada


Granada, Spain
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Welcome to Spain, perhaps the most tolerant of any European society when it comes to the widest gay community. This is saying something considering that only 23 years ago you could still be jailed for being gay under the "social danger" and "public scandal" laws. Spain is an increasingly popular holiday destination for the gay and lesbian community. As the overwhelming support for same-sex marriages in Spain has shown, post-Franco Spain has discovered a remarkable new tolerance. But as with the nightlife, hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfast accommodations are rarely gay-specific. So it is in this enlightened atmosphere that most decent hotels in Andalucía are ‘gay friendly’.

Granada is located next to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia in the south of Spain. It is about 70km from the coast. Being in this position means that it is possible to go skiing and sunbathe on the beach in the same day.

Granada offers the gay and lesbian traveler an open and accepting community, along with a wide variety of gay hotels, inns, guesthouses and resorts as well as a similar variety of gay friendly hotels, inns, guesthouses and resorts. Equally, cafés, bars and clubs range from gay friendly to exclusively gay.

A general note about prices, exclusivity, etc, Granada is a small city, inexpensive and not overrun by the type of tourist seeking the nightlife scene. The majority of the bars are both easy and cheap to get into. The ones that do charge a cover usually charge only the price of a drink which you can immediately recoup at the bar.

Granada has its usual quotient of churches, museums etc. typical for a southern European city. However, Granada has the Alhambra, considered by some to be one of the top ten modern wonders of the world. The Alhambra is a massive castle constructed over many centuries. It consists of gardens, fortifications and sumptuous palaces. It was home of the Arabic Sultans who ruled the whole province. The Koran repeats the idea that heaven is a garden with running water. From this perspective, the Alhambra appears to be an Arabic attempt to create heaven on earth.

The Albaicín is the old Arabic quarter located on the hill opposite the Alhambra. It is characterized by cobble-stoned streets with white washed houses and retains a strong Arabic feeling. There are many squares with terraces and places to laze about and have a bite to eat. The Albaicín is an oil painter's paradise and for great place to by the typical Granadino pottery, white background with strong blue shapes.

The typical idea of a Spaniard is of a dark haired fiery gypsy woman dancing flamenco with a red rose clenched between her teeth with a bit of bullfighting going on in the background. The mixture of Arabic influence combined with the particular lifestyle and temperament of the gypsies created Flamenco. The caves of the Sacromonte is one of the places that gave rise to the connection between Spain and Flamenco and it is perhaps THE place to visit for a total flamenco experience.

So, for the gay and lesbian traveler seeking romance, relaxation, history, culture, great regional food and excellent wine, Granada is great place to visit.

Granada Gay and Lesbian Hotels, Inns, and Guest Houses

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