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Gay Jakarta


Jakarta, Indonesia.
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If you can stand its pollution, and if you can afford to indulge in its charms, then Jakarta is one of the region's most exciting metropolises. Consider Jakarta the 'big durian' - the foul-smelling exotic fruit that some can't stomach and others can't resist.

Most, if not all, gay friendly accommodations are the larger, international hotels and gay and lesbian travelers should seriously consider these when deciding where to stay. In modern day Jakarta, the 90% Muslim population prohibit homosexuality and gay men and women live in some degree of fear and humiliation. But with an emerging and more tolerant middle class, tolerance is slowly growing and gay venues are becoming places to see and be seen.

Once saddled with a reputation as a poverty-ridden hellhole, Jakarta mutated into an Asian boom town in not much more than a decade. Reduced by the 1998 riots to a burnt-out shell, it remains very much at the centre of political events re-shaping Indonesia.

Today, Jakarta is a sweltering, steaming, heaving mass of some 10 million people packed into a vast urban sprawl, the contrast between the obscene wealth of Indonesia's elite and the appalling poverty of the urban poor is incredible, with tinted-window BMWs turning left at the Gucci shop into muddy lanes full of begging street children and corrugated iron shacks. The city's traffic is in perpetual gridlock, its polluted air is matched only by the smells of burning garbage and open sewers, and safety is a concern especially at night.

The travel agencies at Jakarta's airport can have surprisingly good rates for mid-range and above hotels. In Jakarta, there are several classes of hotels: Budget hotels: Melati 1 to Melati 3, which is the best at this level. Midrange and above run from 1 Star to 5 Stars (the best).

Getting around Jakarta is a challenge. The city layout is chaotic and totally bewildering, traffic is indisputably the worst in South-East Asia with horrendous traffic jams slowing the city to a crawl during rush hour, and the current railway system is inadequate to say the least.

But, if you preserver, there is plenty to do in Jakarta, from cosmopolitan shopping at Plaza Senayan to one of the hippest nightlife scenes in Southeast Asia.

If you're stopping in Jakarta, consider buying an extra suitcase, because there's lots of good shopping to be done. Jakarta has a large number of giant, glittering malls, but watch the prices on imported designer good as they are often higher than what’s charged in other countries.

There are also numerous extremely large shopping centers like those in the Mangga Dua (Two Mangoes) area. These are massive indoor markets with hundreds upon hundreds of shops selling everything at wholesale prices. When you shop in those places, you can always bargain the price. And of course there are the duty free shops, just remember to bring your passport to the shops.

Jakarta has a vast range of food available if you know where to find it. In addition to selections from all over the country, you can also find excellent Chinese, Japanese and Korean food thanks to the cosmopolitan population. You can find Jakartan versions of many dishes, often tagged with the label betawi (Indonesian for "Batavian"). Your stomach may need an adjustment period to the local food.

Due to many spices locals used in their cooking and adjustments with local bacteria, some people will need to spend time in the toilet for half a day. However, this really depends on how strong your stomach and your health is before arriving in Jakarta.

One final point, gay and lesbian travelers should check thoroughly the customs, laws, accommodation, vacation spots and do’s and don’ts before traveling to Jakarta or to any of the 14,000 islands that make up Indonesia.

So, for the gay and lesbian traveler looking for adventure,

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