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How are Pink Choice ratings calculated?

How are Pink Choice ratings calculated?
The ratings shown on the site are generated directly from the reviews and scores that people like you have awarded gay hotels, guest houses and inns following your stay.

In each destination accommodations and their ratings are grouped into one of four bands based on their room rates:

$ Budget
$$ Inexpensive
$$$ Moderate
$$$$ Expensive
Price bands have been used because most travelers have a budget and need to be comfortable with the cost of their accommodation before making a choice. For any destination travelers can quickly pick the price band that best suits their needs, and then view the recommended hotels within that band.

Room rates for properties outside of the US will be shown in US dollars.

How do the ratings work?
Whenever a guest posts a review on the site, he or she is also asked to rate the hotel experience by giving a score of 1-5 (1= Unacceptable, 5= Exceptional) for the following criteria.

    Rate the reservation process, either on-line or by phone. Were the staff helpful and welcoming?
    Was the property well located and externally attractive?
    Was it welcoming, informative and painless? Were the staff able to devote time to answer all your questions?
    Was the bed comfortable, and the room and bathroom well appointed and clean?
    Were the staff friendly, helpful and efficient?
  • DINING Did the quality of dining services (food and drink), meet your expectations?
    How were the little personal touches that make all the difference?
    Was your stay appropriately priced for what you received?
For each individual hotel, the rating score is standardized for room numbers, and safeguards are in place to prevent manipulation of the rating system by the posting of multiple reviews from a single source.

What are the 1 - 5 credibility ratings?

As reviews for a particular hotel are posted, the average score, based on those reviews, is calculated. The more reviews a hotel receives, the greater the probability that the overall score is an accurate representation of what to expect at that hotel.

For example:

Hotel A has a rating of 100 and a credibility score of 1

A credibility rating of 1 means that the hotel has received just a small number of reviews. As a result it's overall score may not be representative of what to expect

Hotel B has a rating of 98 and a credibility score of 3

A credibility rating of 3 means that the hotel has received a number of reviews, so it's overall rating is more likely to be representative of what to expect.

Hotel C has a rating of 95 and a credibility score of 5

A credibility rating of 5 means that the hotel has received a large number of reviews, so it's overall rating is likely to be an accurate representation of what to expect.

So,the credibility rating that appears adjacent to a hotel review is a guide to the actual number of reviews posted for a particular hotel. The lower the credibility rating, the smaller the number of reviews. The higher the credibility rating, the larger the number of reviews.

How often do hotel ratings change?
Whenever a new review has been posted to the site, the score for that hotel is recalculated, and all the hotel rankings within its group are adjusted to reflect that result. This means that the ratings are continuously being updated to remain absolutely current.

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