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Review of San Vicente Inn

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Review posted 3/13/2009 view all
Pink Choice Member from Groton, MA
Alas, the San Vicente
A group of early twentieth-century SoCal bungalows surrounding a swimming pool, attractively landscaped with palms, just steps from Santa Monica Blvd? Sounds idyllic? Well, you missed it.It WAS idyllic, but isn't anymore. The San Vicente used to be my favorite place to stay in LA. I've probably stayed there four or five times over the last ten years. I was resolved not to stay there anymore, but at the last minute I relented and regretted it the whole time I was there during my last and FINAL visit. The San Vicente was never great on maintenance, but this last time, we're talking about towel racks ripped out of the walls and not replaced. Everywhere you went, not just the steam room, things seemed mildewed and not very clean. They used to allow the West Hollywood locals in on day passes. They were a cute, cruisy crowd, who would grill some burgers, flirt and hang out by the pool for the day. Not anymore, all that's over. To make matters worse, the regular guests now seem a little shady. I had a room with a shared bath; that had been fine in the past. But this time some guy was passed out on the floor of the bathroom, broken glass and vomit everywhere. The staff dutifully cleaned it up when I called it to their attention, but. . . The Inn generally employs cute Latino guys to run the shop, but on this last visit they were more interested in smuggling their girlfriends in to hang out for awhile than keeping track of the guests. A great place that badly needs new management. Buy it and save a West Hollywood institution!
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August 2008
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5 nights
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Exclusively gay
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