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Review of Hotel El Club

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Review posted 10/17/2006 view all
Sasha Owen from , Denver
International Hotspot - Great Fun, Friendly Owners
Granada, Nicaragua is an up-and-coming destination for international travelers of all stripes. Founded in 1524, Granada is the oldest city in the Americas and offers visitors a view into the past, with colorful colonial homes, horse-drawn carriages, and friendly locals hanging out in the town plaza.

We spent a week in Granada and another week at the beach in San Juan del Sur and were surprised at the number of gay folks we met there. Many of the expats we talked to were gay/lesbian, and they hailed from all over the world. Some from the US, some from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. I bet the 10% rule is more like 20% in the Nicaraguan expat community.

Granada, like all of Nicaragua, is rough around the edges. Nicaragua is still a developing country, so you're not going to find many luxury resorts here - yet. But if you're willing to try new things and have a real adventure, Granada is the perfect place to explore something different.

El Club was a great hotel and was our homebase in Granada. Marco and Ellen, a couple from Amsterdam, bought the old colonial home about 4 years ago and transformed it into a popular hotel there. The bar, a nice place to sit and sip a cocktail in the afternoon heat, becomes a popular nightspot in Granada, just about any night of the week, where locals and tourists alike gather to dance and party the night away. When we were there, the best party happened to be on a Wednesday!

El Club isn't gay, per se. However, it's a welcoming and hip place to stay. Our entire group (3 gay guys, 2 straight guys, and my parents) all felt comfortable there. We really enjoyed the casual atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the international feel of the place.

If you like to turn in early, make sure you get a room at the back of the hotel, away from the bar scene. You won't hear a thing. Be warned, though, the rooms in the back are small if you're used to US-sized hotel rooms. However, if you're up for a party, you can get a larger room, closer to the front of the hotel and closer to the action. The prices, like all of Nicaragua, were reasonable (about $50/night/room) and we were
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April 2006
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3 nights
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singles,couples,young,older gay
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Mixed gay/lesbian/straight
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