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Review of Rozsa Street Apartment

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Review posted 9/14/2008 view all
brokenwhole from Los Angeles, CA
Not an experience to recommend Budapest
We’d reserved an apartment through the Budapest gay guide network
(, which had been described as “totally renovated throughout”, and made to sound as if it was in the center of the Pest district which not only contains some of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest, but also most of the gay bars.

If I were to write a review of the apartment (, I wouldn’t know where to start. First of all let’s quote the beginning of their blurb: “We have designed the Guest Apartment Rozsa Street in Budapest according to the needs of gay travellers. Its perfect for 1 or 2 persons…” Their was no design at all put into this apartment; it’s basically a horrible apartment, with a few sticks of furniture, in an extremely ugly and depressing building overlooking a courtyard bordered on all four sides by even more depressing buildings, and in a seedy neighborhood populated by unsavory characters, and a considerable walk away from central Pest. One of the blinds in the bedroom was stuck open, there was no air-conditioning of course, it smelled, there were various things lying around like step-ladders, and only one roll of coarse toilet-paper. The photographer they used for the website must have been a genius; I’m especially impressed by how he somehow managed to make the disgusting bathroom look almost appealing.

This wasn’t even the worst of it, though; we were supposed to be met at the apartment by a local gay tour guide working for the organization, and he was going to go out for dinner with us, to tell us about Budapest, and then take us on a tour around the gay bars, cafes and clubs. However, for reasons that weren’t immediately clear, we were met by a shifty-looking old man perspiring in his pale short-sleeved shirt, who led us upstairs. His English wasn’t great, but I was soon relieved to find that he wouldn’t be our tour guide. He announced that the guide would show up at 9.00 p.m. But the arrangement was supposed to be seven p.m. The old man had me call the guide, and he confirmed the time blithely, at which point I told him that had not been our expectation.

He said, “I’m working.” “That’s not our problem,” I said. So I told him that we wouldn’t pay the full price, and he said we could talk about that when he got there. No apology was offered for the abrupt change in plans, and no offer was made of a discount at cutting down the length of the tour by two hours.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend Ben had gone off with the old man to get change to pay the exact amount for the apartment. When he returned he was visibly distressed. It turned out that the old man had kept approaching too close to him, mumbling something incomprehensible. In the market where Ben had bought some sparkling water, and gotten change, the old man kept pressing a cold can of soda against the back of Ben’s neck, and then, suddenly, he grabbed condoms and offered them to Ben. I immediately called the guide and cancelled the tour.

I wish we’d gone with our instincts, and refused to pay once we’d seen the place; after all, they didn’t have our credit-card information. In the end, though, we moved out, and found a relatively inexpensive, but perfectly situated hotel, wasting two-hundred-and-forty Euros in the process.
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August 2008
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3 nights
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Mixed gay/lesbian
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