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Review of Blue Chairs Resort

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Review posted 11/22/2010 view all
Pink Choice Member from Phoenix, AZ
Caveat Emptor
First let me start out by saying the hotel staff are very friendly and courteous. That said, the hotel is not all is is cracked up to be. 1) The picture of the room we booked and what we ended up with were not even close. 2) Our first room was on the 5th Floor and the ceiling leaked in two places. When we were later moved into a room on the third floor the air conditioner leaked onto the floor in that room as well. Even after the maintenance man repaired the AC it still dripped. 3) The elevator broke down on the second day of our stay and did not work again for the remainder of our 10 days there. 4)
We awoke from napping one afternoon to find someone in our room. They stole an Ipod and ran out the door. 5) The "in room" internet did not work until the 7th day of our stay, after numerous reports to the hotel staff. 6) Housekeeping staff reminded us daily that we needed to go to the bank so that we could leave them a tip. We are accustomed to leaving a tip at the end of our hotel stays not pay as you go. 7) Repeatedly had to ask for the in room coffee, housekeeper frequently did not leave any.

The location of this property is great and we enjoyed our excursions. I would caution anyone considering a booking at this hotel to NOT have much in the way of expectations of the property. Caveat Emptor. There are several properties in the same area which may bear looking into. If we had not already prepaid for our stay we would definitely have moved to another hotel!
Month and year of stay:
October 2010
Length of stay:
10 nights
Recommend hotel for:
Describe the hotel:
Mixed gay/lesbian/straight
Would I stay at hotel again?
Definitely not
My ratings on the following categories:
Rate the reservation process, either on-line or by phone.
Were the staff helpful and welcoming?
Acceptable but not special
Was the property well located and externally attractive?
Acceptable but not special
Was it welcoming, informative and painless?
Were the staff able to devote time to answer all your questions?
Acceptable but not special
Was the bed comfortable, and the room and bathroom
well appointed and clean?
Were the staff friendly, helpful and efficient?
Did the quality of breakfast or other dining services
meet your expectations?
Acceptable but not special
How were the little personal touches that make all the difference?
Was your stay appropriately priced for what you received?

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